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The Political Revolution Must Be Now

The pandemic is uncontained. Rents are coming due as unemployment supports end. And the entire Republican Caucus is complicit in Trump's escalating treasons. Yet the most critical problem is that we
are rushing headlong into the abyss of Global Climate Collapse. All these problems were created in DC by a donor-owned Congress and can be solved in DC. But this requires that Congress be re-connected to the people – Now! There is no grace period. No 'next' cycle.

That requires a political strategy. The majority of Members of the Congress seated in 2021 will be corporate funded. But they will know that supporting the corporate agenda is no longer sustainable.

Enough progressive will have won to make that clear. We offer them a path to redemption. And re-election. Here's the pocket size version:

----- A Strategy for Change -------
Act 1. Improved Medicare for All
Implemented in 1 Year
Tremendous cost savings.
Far better health outcomes.
Act 2. Public Funding of Elections
$200 voucher for every voter
For candidates taking nothing else

Act 1 will improve health outcomes and wealth of your voters.
They will be proud to re-elect you with that Act 2 Public Funding

We need is more people, we have 100+, on Call Hub - bleeding edge technology automatically dropping my voicemail, on every answering machine plus full SMS or MMS texting. We need edgy
topical social media posts across the gamut of platforms.

Note: Florida is the epicenter of the Global pandemic. Our Campaign is by remote contact. 



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