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The Political Revolution Must Be Now


Election '22: DEMOCRACY vs. FASCISM.

Trump's bloody Jan 6 coup was a warning. It is the ghost of a Fascist future.
If Republicans control the President, Congress, and Court in ‘24; .
The Merger of State & Corporate Power will be complete.

Mussolini called this FASCISM.

How do we know this? Because it is happening NOW.
The Supreme Court in '22 hacked away at our rights in a dozen Unconstitutional decisions.
The arguments used to reverse Roe v. Wade shredded all privacy rights.
The endangerment of our civil rights rivals the surveillance state of Communist China.

And Worse...

States are declaring abortion to be murder. There is no Statute of Limitations on Murder.
65 million American women have had abortions. Will they be prosecuted in those states?
We are at the Intersection of Corp. Fascism and Climate Collapse.

There is no one to save us but ourselves.
But that is enough - for it must be enough!

Reform the Court to restore our Rights, to end Corporate Funding of Elections!
Art. 3 Sect. 1 - “Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour”

Judges are hired with Advice and Consent of 51 Senators.
Failing good Behaviour, they can be fired by 51 Senators!

The reformed Court will restore our Rights and end Corporate Funding of Elections
Now we can Pass a Fossil Free Green New Deal!
A Carbon Tax Funding a UBI + a WWII Level Investment in Renewables
Now we can pass iM4A, $20 Min Wage. . . All Those Things Impossible in a Corp. Congress

But Can We Win FL CD3?

I have said “Election '22 is DEMOCRACY vs. FASCISM” 8,000 plus times

8,000 plus individuals in FL CD3 concur.

We Both Can Win and Must Win this Election.
You are the youngest generation of voters and pre-voters



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