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About Tom Wells

Dr. Tom Wells for Congress

Dr. Tom Wells

Since mid-2016 Tom Wells has been devoting the bulk of his time and effort to running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida Congressional District 3. This effort includes active face-to-face campaigning; exploring the issues raised in these conversations; and both defining solutions, what needs to be done, and developing political strategies to get it done.

This problem-solving orientation is a natural consequence of his education & work experience. Tom earned his B.S. in physics at the California Institute of Technology, followed by a Ph'D in theoretical physics at the University of Maryland. Tom then worked: a) 15 years at Georgia Tech, predominantly in research to develop the microwave measurement & analysis to support stealth technology for the Department of Defense, b) as lead engineer at a succession of small microwave technology companies, before c) starting his own company in 2005 to develop solutions to a small class of long-standing Air Force requirements.

Tom studied science hoping to do some distributed good while make a living. Finally he realized that in America the interface of science with life – politics - is broken. That the most desperate need now is to fix the system. And that this is not rocket science - he's done rocket science.

As your Congressman for FL U. S. District 3, Tom will work first to enact Single Payer Healthcare for all in conjunction with effective public funding of elections. These acts are politically synergistic & their passage would a constitute a political revolution. That systemic change lays the pragmatic politic groundwork to address the Climate Crisis.   


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