2022 Florida Petition Signature Requirement
for U.S. Representative = 2568

All for One &  One for All
- A Team Approach to Candidate Petitions -

2022 Florida Petition Signature Requirement
for U.S. Representative = 2568

The 2022 election is a contest between democracy and fascism. The bloody Coup of Jan. 6 made
that quite clear. The (dismayingly slow) prosecution of the principals of that horror has the potential to
gut Republican support by November. But you can't beat them unless there is a Democrat on the ballot.
Which is exactly the objective of petition packet below.
Here's how it works: In this re-districting year, any voter registered in Florida can sign petitions for
any or all Federal and State elections. The .pdf file linked below is 6 pages long. 2 petitions per page
for each of the 6 candidates noted below. If the 6 of us each get 500 folks to complete the stack, all six
of us will be on the ballot in our respective districts. And we will each have saved $10,440 to use in
our campaigns - $10,440 of small donor contributions that would otherwise have gone to the DeSantis
administration. Sending the stack with top halves filled amounts to a $20 donation to Florida
progressives. If you find a friend to fill the bottoms, that's $40.

Petitioner    /    Incumbent
Tom Wells     /      Kat Cammack (R)
Juan Paredes     /      Maria Elvira Salazar (R)
Angel Montalvo     /      Carlos Gimenez (R)
Cindy Lyn Banyai     /      Byron Donalds (R)
Maxwell Alejandro Frost     /      Val Demings (D)* Running for Governor
Christine Olivo     /      Mario Diaz-Balart (R)

5 of us are running to replace a Republican Incumbent. Maxwell is running for Val Demings open seat.
Do Note: Petitions sent by mail should post by May 9. The last date to submit to your county's SoE
office is May 16.

- The Congressional District does not have to be specified
- Any Florida voter, irregardless of Party registration can Petition as above.
- Any Florida voter can Petition for multiple candidates in any contested election.
- Note that either Date of Birth -OR- Voter Registration Number suffice. Both are not required.
- There is no obligation to vote for the named candidate, this Petition only affects ballot
- The Signature and Date must be in the hand of the voter.


Tom Wells Pledge


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