Tax Cuts/Corporate Cash

The Senate passed a version of the brutal Tax Cuts bill at around 1:30 AM Saturday December 2nd.  Literally no one knew what was in the Act that they had voted for.  How could they?  The bulk of the Senators had only gotten a copy of the marked up 497 page PDF document maybe 24 hours before – hardly time for anyone to digest the complex legal language.  And it was not a searchable PDF file – which means that the working copy with hand written notes & cross-outs had simply been scanned in.  The Senate of the United States of America did not have time to edit the document to type in the very consequential hand written notes.  The Senate in their hurried wisdom passed this multi-trillion dollar Tax Cut before a clean copy of the Act even existed.

Still you’re thinking, the Republicans surely knew what they were voting for.  Well no.  The Senate Act retained the 20% Alternative Minimum Tax which had been eliminated in the House version.  When their corporate donors discovered this they were furious.  To pacify their donors, the House & Senate worked diligently to maximize the cuts taken by their donors.  

The cuts are taken from the flesh of American workers:  Per the New York Times of 27 Dec. 2017, “The new law is also supposed to encourage companies to make investments in the United States. But the rules were written in such a way that they could give businesses an incentive to keep their money in foreign countries and build factories abroad.”  

This legislation is billed as a ‘Jobs Act’.  It is a Jobs Ax.  And worse:  The Act adds $1.5 Trillion to the deficit.  This is the exact deficit anticipated in  the House Budget Resolution that passed on 26 Oct.  And that (non-binding) Resolution specifies that that deficit be resolved by cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, DHS, & ‘other’ health services.

A previous temporary cut to Medicare resulted in cancellation of cancer treatments that had been scheduled.  The AARP is begging Congress not to cut Medicare.  The AARP is a strong, well-organized group and will call en masse.  But the total taken from the working class can only be re-arranged.  The deficit that must be covered is unchanged.  Unchanged until the Congress is changed.  

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