Responding to Ted Yoho’s 1-19-18 post:

Responding to Ted Yoho’s 1-19-18 facebook post:

Congressman Ted Yoho:

The American people expect and deserve a federal government that acts in good faith on their behalf. Unfortunately, while the People’s House did their part – the Senate did not.

If Senate Democrats succeed in shutting down the government over an arbitrary deadline on DACA (which expires in March and can be extended), they will have to explain why 9 million US children didn’t receive access to their healthcare and why 2 million military personnel didn’t get paid.

There are proposals already that address DACA. This issue should not be used as a political pawn by Senate Democrats to grind our government to a halt.


Tom Wells Response:

Yesterday Dr. Yoho, along with 233 of his R colleagues and 9 members who openly claim to be Democrats, voted for predatory Payday lenders. That bill HR-2954 is styled ‘Home Mortgage Disclosure Adjustment Act’ because, you know, it’s just too expensive for banks to disclose what you’re signing up to. (And yes it does apply also to Payday lenders. They just left that out of the title.) Today Ted is chastising Ds saying “the American people expect and deserve a federal government that acts in good faith on their behalf”. . . This from a man & a Party that failed to renew CHIPS – putting healthcare for 9 million children underwater; That can’t find the $s to fund disaster relief for Puerto Rico (yes Texas, Florida, California burning – need help as well – but Puerto Rico is hemorrhaging – still).

But Ted & the other corporate shills have no trouble finding an extra 75B$ for the Department of Defense – that the DoD did not ask for. Or, in this temporary funding bill, cutting corporate taxes by another 15 to 20B$. This on top of the Brutal $1.5 Trillion Corporate Tax Cut and Job Export Act last month. [And why do I call it Brutal? Because the budget resolution that Ted voted for last October specifies that the new $1.5 Trillion deficit be balanced preferentially by cuts to Medicare & Medicaid!]

Given that unparalleled record of destruction & corruption, what great sin is Ted calling Dems out on? The Dems are obstructing Injustice. Their principal, and principled, objectives are to get CHIPS funded & DACA restored. These are both things that large majorities of Americans favor. . .

Ted, when you are voting against the strongly expressed values of the majority of your constituents then you are the problem.

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One thought on “Responding to Ted Yoho’s 1-19-18 post:”

  1. Bill M

    District 3 needs a strong progressive individual to stand up to the corruption in DC and champion the working class. Yoho has long been entrenched with corporate/PAC money. We need to show them that we cannot be controlled by a bought crony.

    I hope Dr. Wells puts everything on the line to stand up for his future Constituents.


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