The Republican strategy is clear & merciless.

The Republican strategy is clear & merciless. If a government program is important to people and well-designed, if it is too popular to be eliminated outright, then it is sabotaged. Made to work poorly & slowly. The standard technique is underfunding. Underfunding of administrative costs is being used right now on the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, even the IRS, and now a half Billion dollar cut to the Social Security Administration is proposed.

Medicare & Medicaid are systematically underfunded, resulting in medical reimbursement rates significantly less than those paid by health insurance contracts. This gives Ted Yoho the chance to stand in townhall meetings and say that lots of doctors won’t take Medicaid/Medicare patients. Duh.

And Ted brags that the bulk of his staff time is devoted to Veterans Issues – which he & his Party exacerbate by VA cuts that leave the Gainesville VA Hospital with 370 unfilled staff positions. Fund the VA properly, fulfill the obligations that We the People made to these ordinary heroes. That is your job Ted. If you did your job – you’d not have so many complaints.

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