• Raising the Living Wage:
    Raising the Living Wage:
    I agree that the minimum wage should be increased to $15. I argue that it should in fact be higher. Not just that, but that it should be increased post haste – not over a span of years and should apply to all workers.
  • Healthcare:
    We certainly can and should, as a first order of business, allow every american Citizen access to the American healthcare system. Every American should have access to a primary care doctor, routine tests to prevent serious illnesses, and life-lengthening curative measures when illnesses occur.
  • Clean Air & Water:
    Clean Air & Water:
    Fair Trade would impose tariffs to equilibrate tax applied to non-participating or not adequately monitored CO2 production.
  • Straight Arrow Caucus:
    Straight Arrow Caucus:
    I am not going to Congress to work with the folk there on TPP, private prisons or fracking. I am going to fight to end all these. And the many other Congressional manifestations of corporate corruption. Together, only together can We the People renew our democracy.

Inheritance Tax

Foundations of Democracy: The Inheritance Tax

 The American Revolution was fought to throw off the yoke of English Monarchy. To overthrow the system of inherited wealth, privilege, & power that it represented. And to replace it by a government of, by, and for the People. And the brightest parts of our history - the true claim to greatness that our country offers - are the struggles to expand the franchise. To free the slaves & secure their right to vote. To recognize the right of women to vote, of all citizens at age 18, And then to re-assert, to re-secure the Civil Rights of all citizens.

But in parallel to this great & continuing struggle, there is the dark struggle of greed with its cyclic & sickening successes. There is some point at which wealth & power become the same. In a democracy, the facilitator of this is corruption. The Gilded Age - and the Great Depression that followed from it - led to a reforming of society by democratic will expressed through FDR. Our nation is now at greater risk. The powerful have laid a solid foundation of corruption ordained by their hand-picked Supreme Court. And have achieved 'total air superiority' by their wholly owned MSM. Save for the internet - which is where you're reading this.

And the Holy Grail in this power quest: Abolishing the inheritance tax. This, being debated in Congress now, is the point at which we are again the subjects of a government dictated by inherited wealth & privilege.

Post Script: (Comments specific to the content of the 3:28 video)

The PS: Lord Voldemo.. - sorry. He who goes by the name Mnuchin responds snidely to Sen. Sanders that the super-rich will hardly be affected by abolishing the estate tax - as they have exceptionally fine estate planners. Which begs the question: Why then do they insist on it? If nobody's paying hardly nothing - why go to all this trouble? With the bad optics: It sorta looks like the uber-rich prefer that poor folks die than that the they be taxed - when in truth. . . well that is the truth. But still, why bother? I suggest that the sub-text is clear. That all that estate planning costs money: setting trust funds, the high cost of tax deductions for philanthropy. . . Basically one loses some control of some fraction your immense wealth - before the day you die. Yes, frequently that degree of control devolves on your own children & family. But how are you gonna keep them completely under your control if you can't threaten them with penury? That I suggest is the psychological driver behind this anti-democratic, anti-American abomination. (Feel free to ask me how I really feel.)

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