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Tom Wells On The Issues

Our Democracy

We must end the corrupting influence
of money in our political system.

Health Care For all Americans

Too many families have lost a loved one to a preventable disease or have gone bankrupt as a result of a serious health problem.

Criminal Justice Reform

We must deprivatize our prison system which has incentivized the jailing of our citizens for nonviolent drug offenses.

Income Inequality

The United States has the most extreme inequality of any other industrialized nation.

Clean Air & Water

It’s time to change our policies on these issues.
Our time is up!

Education System

Our public school taxes should go to
the public school system only.

Immigration Reform

A pathway to citizenship will bring undocumented workers out of the shadows, treat them with dignity as legal members of society.

De-criminilize Marijuana

At the Federal level, Congress should
de-criminilize marijuana immediately.


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