About Tom Wells

Tom Wells is the proud son of middle class family.  His father was a Major in the Army Medical Corp in Japan and later the Chief of Surgery at Swannanoa VA Hospital.  Tom grew up believing in the American Dream. But he soon realized it wasn’t available to everyone, and that parts of it were for sale to the highest bidder.

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As your Congressman for U. S. District 3, Tom will make sure that working people get a fair shake in our economy.  He will protect and expand Medicare for all citizens. He will not waste taxpayer money on useless foreign wars that send our young people to their deaths.  Tom will protect the environment so we have a planet to leave our children and grandchildren. 

Tom is the proud father of a pediatrician, physical therapist, and a pharmacist. He has walked every mile of Congressional District 3, but he calls Gainesville home with his wife Divanice of thirteen years. 

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