We’re running a people-powered campaign to take Congress back from wealthy corporations and corrupt party elites. Protecting our air and water, the lives of working people, the protection of Social Security and the expansion of health care are my focus.

Clean Air & Water should not be scarce resources owned by corporations or ruined by politicians. Our natural springs are the birthright of every citizen in North Central Florida and need to be protected.  I support H.R. 3671 , Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act.

Poverty should not be a worry for anyone working in our country. Our economy grows when wages increase. It’s time for Corporations making billion dollar profits to invest its workers.  I support a living wage and I am a strong supporter of Labor Unions and Co-ops.

Social Security is the most successful program in our Nation’s history. We must strengthen and expand Social Security so every person can retire with dignity and respect.

Healthcare should be recognized as right and not a privilege for the wealthy. Every citizen should have access to healthcare. I support HR 676, Medicare for All.


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Tom Wells reflects on his Congressional run in 2016 run as an NPA.

I leapt into that race quite late – upon withdrawal of the Democratic candidate. I paid the $7,000 entry fee from my 401K. (To run as a Democrat would have cost $3,500 more.) My self-funded one thousand dollar campaign was successful in building name recognition & in ‘market research’: I conversed with thousands of people. Everybody. D voters, R voters, wildly enthusiastic Berners (like myself) and even Trump supporters. We all have different, but common, problems.  Most folks figure that Congressional corruption by Big Money is a big part of the problem. They just disagree on which party is worse.

So what do I bring to the table? I have been following the Acts of our Congress & Presidents since 1981. Following in dismay & increasing despair – for until Bernie began his national Issues based campaign, too few had ever heard of single payer healthcare, carbon tax, etc. What I bring to the table is the certainty that both parties have been working against the common interest – have been working for corporate interests. Tell me a problem you have, likely I can tell you specific Acts & Free Trade Pacts that created or worsened that problem. That our Congress passed & President signed. And it really doesn’t matter if one party has been more or less toxic than the other – or who you’ve always voted for. What matters is that we fix the system. Before it kills us & dooms our children.

I am running as a Democrat in FL CD-03 vs. Ted Yoho in 2018. But I am not running against Dr. Yoho – rather I am running For our children, for their future. I am listening/talking to registered voters, all parties, who always vote and to those who seldom/never vote. To those who have not registered or who cannot register – felons and yes immigrants. Not because that is the most efficient way to get elected. But because elections should work to make us One Nation, One People. And this will never happen unless we talk to one another.  

We have enough work to do on a State and local level to be constantly on guard because of the decisions being made in DC.  You can cast your vote confidently on August 28th, 2018 and know that a vote for Tom Wells is a vote to send the most dedicated and hardworking candidate in this race to be a true representative of the people.  I cannot do it alone.   This campaign is your campaign.

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