Welcome to Tom Wells, Progressive Democrat for Florida Congressional District 3

Tom Wells is running as a Democrat in FL CD-03 vs. Ted Yoho in 2018.
But he’s not running against Dr. Yoho – rather he is running

 VOTE AUG. 28th, 2018!

We’re running a people-powered campaign to take Congress back from wealthy corporations and corrupt party elites. Protecting our air and water, the lives of working people, the protection of Social Security and the expansion of health care are my focus.

Clean Air & Water should not be scarce resources owned by corporations or ruined by politicians. Our natural springs are the birthright of every citizen in North Central Florida and need to be protected.  Tom  Wells supports H.R. 3671 , Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act.

Poverty should not be a worry for anyone working in our country. Our economy grows when wages increase. It’s time for Corporations making billion dollar profits to invest its workers.  Tom Wells supports a living wage and I am a strong supporter of Labor Unions and Co-ops.

Social Security is the most successful program in our Nation’s history. We must strengthen and expand Social Security so every person can retire with dignity and respect.

Healthcare should be recognized as right and not a privilege for the wealthy. Every citizen should have access to healthcare. Tom Wells support HR 676, Medicare for All.


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